The vegetable nursery point is what we call the seedling tray, which is mainly used for the cultivation of vegetables such as leafy vegetables, eggplant and pepper. The use of the disc hole has the characteristics of convenient management, emergence and so on. The discs used by the user’s friends should be selected according to the number of seedlings and the root buds of the vegetables. Here are some of the precautions for using seedlings when raising seeds.

32 Cells Seed Trays

Analysis on the precautions for the use of vegetable seedling

1.When using vegetable seedlings, pay attention to the nutrient matrix and disinfect the substrate. The nutrient matrix is ​​related to the supply and growth of vegetable nutrients, and the recommended ratio of preparation: peat: perlite: vermiculite = 3:1:1.

2. When selecting seeds, it is recommended to choose seeds of good quality such as disease resistance and high yield. When planting, a hole in a hole can be a seed, the seed is not good, you can have two holes and three seeds. Seeds can be treated to reduce germination time.

3. After the seedbed is placed in the management, the temperature of the vegetable seedlings is recommended to be maintained at around 25~30 °C during the day and around 20 °C at night; after compacting, slightly compact and pour a small amount of water.

4. Pay attention to the management of water, fertilizer and light during the nursery period. When the vegetable seedlings grow to a certain stage, pay attention to the work of ventilation.