Seedling tray selection

Seedling trays plugs can be divided into polystyrene foam plugs and plastic plugs according to different materials. Among them, plastic plugs are more widely used. Plastic plug trays are generally black, gray, and white. Most growers choose to use black trays, which have good light absorption and are more conducive to the development of seedling roots.

For peppers, small tomatoes, and eggplants, choose 72 holes, 54×28cm floppy disks, each hole has a diameter of 3.8cm, a lower base of 2.0cm, and a hole depth of 4.6cm.

Bitter melon, pumpkin, green (yellow) melon, melon, winter melon: Choose 50 holes, 54×28cm floppy disk, each hole has a diameter of 5 cm, a base diameter of 2.2 cm, and a hole depth of 5 cm.

We have 32 cell seed trays50 cell seed trays72 cell seed trays98 cell seed trays105 cell seed trays128 cell seed trays200 cell seed trays288 cell seed trays

seedling trays

In addition, the used plugs may be infected with residual pathogenic bacteria and eggs, so they must be cleaned and disinfected. The method is to first remove the residual substrate in the seedling tray, rinse it with water, dry it, and soak it in 500 times solution of carbendazim for 12 hours or soak it in 1000 times solution of potassium permanganate for 30 minutes for disinfection. It can also be disinfected with formaldehyde solution and bleaching powder solution. Disinfect. The sterilized plug tray must be thoroughly washed with water and dried before use.