1) High transparency. Under the same thickness, the transparency of the po film is higher than that of the pe film, which can enable the crop to get more sunlight;

2) High tensile strength, the tensile strength of po film is higher than that of pe film under the same thickness;

3) The dripping anti-fog performance is excellent. The pe long-life dripping film generally only has a dripping period of 3-4 months. After this time, it will drip, and it does not have the anti-fog. Generally, it is used in the south, while the po film has With the characteristics of life-long dripping and fog elimination, the dripping and fog elimination period is synchronized with the service life of the po film, which solves the dripping problem of shed farmers and can be used in both the north and the south;

4) Under the same thickness, the thermal insulation performance of the po film is higher than that of the pe film;

5) Long service life, the po film of the same thickness is more durable than the pe film;

6) The anti-static and dust-proof ability of po film is better than that of pe film;

7) Po film can reduce pests and diseases because of its lifetime dripping and fog elimination performance, because many pests and diseases are caused by dripping on the crop. At the same time, because of the higher transparency and strong light, it also has a certain sterilization effect;

8) Because of the higher transparency, more sunlight and increased photosynthesis of crops, it can improve the coloring and taste of crops.

Size: 1-18 m by wideth.  others can be customized according to use request. 

Length as you choose. 

Thickness:8s.10s.12s.15s;others can be customized according to use request.